Payment Methods

We are currently supporting the following payment methods on 

1. Juice by MCB
If you are a customer of Mauritius Commercial Bank, you can use their mobile application Juice to make payment for your purchases on our website. Juice is our most preferred mode of receiving payment and it will only take a few seconds to make the payment. 

2. MyT Money
You can also use the MyT Money wallet from Mauritius Telecom to make payments to us. You must be a MyT Money customer in order to use this method. Payments via MyT Money are received instantly by us and your orders are processed faster. 

3. Bank Transfer/Deposit
If you do not use Juice or MyT Money, you can do a bank transfer/deposit to our bank account with Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB). This is our least preferred method and it may take 2-3 days for you to get payment confirmation.