How to Shop

It's very easy to use for shopping. You can shop on your laptop, desktop or mobile phone to shop. You can also use the following steps to complete a purchase. 

Step 1 - Create an account
The first thing you should do is to create an account using your email address. Enter your name, surname, email address and chose a password for your account. Once your account is created, use your email and password to login to your account. You can also add an address to your account or else you can add an address at the checkout stage. 

Step 2 - Browse 
Use the different menu options on the website to browse through different collections, you can also use the menu option "shop by size" to browse items specific to your size. Click on a product that you like to see more photos and check description for important details such as fabric and size chart. The price of the product is mentioned on the product page along with the size available. 

Step 3 - Add to Cart
You can click on "add to cart" to add items you like to the cart. You can add as many items to the cart as you like. You can also click on "buy now" to immediately go the checkout if you like. 

Step 4 - Checkout
Click on the cart icon to go to the checkout page to complete your purchase. Please check the items, size and total price before proceeding further. Add your shipping address on the checkout page. Do not forget to add your phone number. Also select the payment method at this stage. We currently accept payments via MCB Juice (Preferred), MyT Money and Bank Transfer. After selecting the payment method, place your order. 

Step 5 - Payment
Once you place the order, you need to proceed for payment via your chosen payment method (Juice / MyT Money /Bank Transfer). Transfer the total amount for your order to us via any of the methods above. You shall make the payment within 24 hours of placing the order, however we recommend you make the payment straight away so that you can receive your order early. 

Step 6 - Shipping
We use Mauritius Post to ship your order free of charge within 24 hours of payment confirmation. You may have to go to your nearest post office to collect your item. The staff at post office may ask your National ID Card or Passport when you go to collect your item. 

Step 7 - Enjoy
Now that you have received your order, it's time to try them on and pamper yourself. If you like your products, you can leave us a review on Facebook :)

If you face any issues in placing an order, feel free to email us on or on our Facebook page.